What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the language, psychology, philosophy and symbolism of number.

Personal Numerology Analysis

Your birth names and your birth date reveal essential information that can be decoded to reveal insights into your lifestyle, your talents, your challenges, your relationships, the gifts you could be developing and the challenges and issues you will be facing in this lifetime.

A 1.5 hour recorded analysis of your birth name(s) and your birth date reveal:

  • The experiences you have brought from the past
  • Current gifts and talents you are here to develop
  • Your major challenges and issues
  • Your life path and lessons
  • The contracts and tool kit in your name
  • Personal Signpost reading

Signpost Analysis – not an exact science but a guideline to help you navigate the year ahead.  Each year we enter a different personal year in a cycle of 9. If you know the flavour of your own cycle, you can work with it and better understand what is going on in your life month by month. This comes as is a written report and is sent to your email

The Name Change Reading

If you are thinking about a name change, a stage name or a nom de plume, it is a good idea to make sure that the name has the appropriate numerological frequency to attract what you want in life.

Up to three names considered

The Colour Of  Number   – Personal

(Photos examples )

Probably the most unique gift since the day you were born.

Ideal for the person who has everything else!

The Colour of Number is an original piece of art created by Michaele Wynn-Jones, an artist who is also an international numerologist.

They are a graphic representation of your birth certificate. The colours in the artwork arise from the numbers themselves and are translated into a one of a kind, hand crafted abstract. Each abstract reflects information from your birth date about :

  • Your past life experience
  • Your Talents and abilities
  • The challenges and Issues you will face in your life
  • Your life Purpose

Keywords relating to your life and personality are added to the mount and a short report with an explanation of your potential in terms of your numerology, is included with the gift.

A standard framed abstract measures approximately   8×9.5 inches (20×25 cms)

They make ideal and original gifts suitable for landmark birthdays, christening, engagement and weddings gifts, as well as highly unusual corporate birth certificates.

New Home – New Address

Up to three addresses compared

Numerology Parties

For groups of six or over…

For Hen Nights, birthdays, weddings, corporate events or just for fun, 15 minute taster Or full one hour recorded readings at your venue


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Everything you said was incredibly accurate – I don’t believe I’ve ever had anyone be so accurate in defining me and my life path before.  It also helped to clarify a burning issue and released me from some worry and stress.  I’ve figured out that with the success of my coaching concept I can fund my heart’s desire of being a comedy performer!

LT - London

You were very accurate and I have to say I very much enjoyed the depth of your analysis as well as its multi layered format.

I think your interest in finding a voice for right brained thinkers in our education system is vitally important and would be championed by many teachers too.  Goodness knows how or why things have become so difficult for the very bright intuitive to navigate the system and now my youngest will be obliged to stay in the system until his is 18 with the new regulations.   See you soon.

Fenya - Eastburne


I want to listen to it again before giving you feedback and if possible I may prefer to do that over the phone but if that’s not possible let me know. The reading opened up things in me which I think have been suppressed from childhood! Amazing! Also it struck a chord with me at my very heart and soul like no other communication! 

Thank you.

Andy Young

This is simply a Huge THANK YOU – before I can write at more length – too much going on round and about right now  Some things you refer to are breath taking in their accuracy
Dr. K - London

WOW that was some reading, i don’t think you missed anything, i’m still in a little shock, there is nothing here I haven’t heard before from  other people or knew deep down but for someone like yourself to clarify it, is lovely.

 Thanks again for the reading it was amazing I don’t know how you can decipher all that information so quickly but it blew me away


Thank you so very much for my reading. 1’ve been completely inspired by it and you’ve simply confirmed to me what I ‘ve felt true in my heartall along. And now i know im not completly insane too!I wont give you my life story, because you already know it. Absolutely to the last detail, amazing!

MG - Sweden