About us

Diamond Bridge Initiative is an Anglo-Dutch partnership offering  support, training and workshops to enable you to meet the demands of 21st century living.

What we provide:
We develop and facilitate specialist services for corporate and personal clients.

Michaele Wynn-Jones B.Ed.Hons., CSN AIN

Michaele Wynn-Jones B.Ed.Hons., CSN AIN

Having spent 30 years in education and running a successful Personal Branding and Colour consultancy, in 1990 teaching in a men’s remand prison lead me to explore numerology..

In prison everyone is a number.

Now, probably the only dyscalculiate professional numerologist in the World, I manage the UK side of Diamond Bridge Initiative.   My day to day work is 1-2-1-personal or business numerology analysis on Skype, in person or remotely.

As an artist I also produce unique art work based on dates of birth as Colour of Number corporate or Personal gifts – ideal for the person who has everything else or for those landmark occasions.

I am an also experienced seminar leader and an after dinner speaker on topics ranging from Inside Prison to Scarf tying techniques and Numerology.

In conjunction with my Dutch business partner, I also design and facilitate workshops and seminars integrating  logic and intellect, creativity and intuition in the Netherlands or the UK

Marianne Woolwich

Marianne Woolwich

Originally from the United Kingdom, I  have been living and working in the Netherlands since the early 1980’s and I am bilingual.
I come from a strong commercial and business background. Whilst successfully managing my own retail company for sixteen years I  began developing an original approach to enhancing effective business communication . My techniques blend traditional methodology with less conventional methods to improve  performance.

I am a professional business counsellor and coach

Our Anglo Dutch partnership is ongoing and I commute regularly to facilitate and develop workshops and seminars in the United Kingdom as well as in Europe.