Business numerology

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the language, psychology, philosophy and symbolism of number.

Business Name Reading

When you are starting a new business venture as a sole trader, a limited company or a partnership, once you know what you will provide, your next priority will be…

What shall we call the business?

In corporate terms, numerology can be used to choose business names, the best possible address, telephone or bank account numbers to match your business intention. It is also successfully used in sensitive staff recruitment or in choosing business partnerships.
A Business Numerology Consultation can give your business an added boost towards success when you choose a name that best describes or represents the function of your business.
Numerology Consultations may be in person in East Sussex, on Skype or remotely with permission from the person being read. Most are digitally recorded and sent to your email as sound files.
Consultation fees in sterling are paid in advance by direct bank transfer.

The Colour Of Number  (Photos examples )

Corporate DNA

Probably the most unique gift to give your most important clients since the day they were born or their company was formed.

Ideal for the person who has everything else!

The Colour of Number is an original piece of art created by Michaele Wynn-Jones,  an artist who is also an international numerologist.  They can be created for the individual or for the company itself.
They are a graphic representation of their birth certificate. The colours in the artwork arise from the numbers themselves and are translated into a one of a kind, hand crafted abstract. Each abstract reflects information from their birth date/registration date about that company or that persons life: the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges and how the company or the person is seen by others. A short report with an explanation in terms of numerology, is included with the gift.

They make ideal and original gifts suitable for landmark company occasions:

For current analysis fees and info please contact Michaele:


I think your interest in finding a voice for right brained thinkers in our education system is vitally important and would be championed by many teachers too.  Goodness knows how or why things have become so difficult for the very bright intuitive to navigate the system and now my youngest will be obliged to stay in the system until his is 18 with the new regulations.   See you soon.

Fenya - Eastburne

Everything you said was incredibly accurate – I don’t believe I’ve ever had anyone be so accurate in defining me and my life path before.  It also helped to clarify a burning issue and released me from some worry and stress.  I’ve figured out that with the success of my coaching concept I can fund my heart’s desire of being a comedy performer!

LT - London

You were very accurate and I have to say I very much enjoyed the depth of your analysis as well as its multi layered format.


I want to listen to it again before giving you feedback and if possible I may prefer to do that over the phone but if that’s not possible let me know. The reading opened up things in me which I think have been suppressed from childhood! Amazing! Also it struck a chord with me at my very heart and soul like no other communication! 

Thank you.

Andy Young

This is simply a Huge THANK YOU – before I can write at more length – too much going on round and about right now  Some things you refer to are breath taking in their accuracy
Dr. K - London

WOW that was some reading, i don’t think you missed anything, i’m still in a little shock, there is nothing here I haven’t heard before from  other people or knew deep down but for someone like yourself to clarify it, is lovely.

 Thanks again for the reading it was amazing I don’t know how you can decipher all that information so quickly but it blew me away


Thank you so very much for my reading. 1’ve been completely inspired by it and you’ve simply confirmed to me what I ‘ve felt true in my heartall along. And now i know im not completly insane too!I wont give you my life story, because you already know it. Absolutely to the last detail, amazing!

MG - Sweden