March Workshops

Two fun interactive workshops 23rd and 24th March, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Are you interested in knowing if you have intuitive gifts? Or do you think you are intuitive, but have difficulty with trusting it? Then these workshops will give you the perfect opportunity to develop your intuition and learn to trust it.
Who do you think you are ? –  23rd March
Would you like to understand yourself better? Then this is workshop is the perfect place for you  to start to uncover a deeper sense of self
Mapping your road ahead – 24th March
So often we feel that we are not in control of our lives…but just imagine if you could have some understanding what is blocking you achieving the life you want. Just imagine if you could have some insights in what you really want and how to achieve it.

Workshop Details:
Zijlweg 263, 2015 CL Haarlem
10.00 – 16.30
Workshop fee:
1 day € 95,  2 days € 170
tea and coffee provided, lunch not included

For more information ; download the pdf here.

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